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20th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment
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Unit's Progression Update

LtCol A. Halkett / Apr 12, 2021

Good Evening folks, this post is to inform you of the current state of the unit but first of all I would like to evoke my gratitude to all of you who have put their time and energy in the 13thVA, myself and my staff thank you for being a part of the 13thVA, we will keep progressing and improving!

Current Objectives

The unit's current objectives are to training all it's personnel to reach the higher standards that we expect to be at, on the point of view of the active unit we will keep kicking ass! Combat units training is a priority as well as the NCO training.

Upcoming future

In the very near future (about a month) the unit will be looking for more NCO's and people of experience ready to be training to form new companies for the next major test and keys /or game release preperation phase that is currently being planned, we want everything to run smoothly. New enlisted certifications will also be availlable as we train with all the new weapons system the game has to offer!

If you have any recommandation do feel free to leave it on the website at all time where it will be reviewed by battalion. Thank you for your comprehansion and your dedication to the unit.

- 1st Battalion Staff



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