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20th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment
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Welcome to New Members !

LtCol A. Halkett / Sep 13, 2021
Greetings 20th Maine,

To all new members welcome! The Staff and myself are very happy to have you filling our ranks! You fine fellows are the last round of very selective recruitment before game release and our goal is to train you to high standards and reach new levels of professionalism and to train you to the kick ass level the regiment is currently at.

I know for most of you who wish to rank up and get within a leadership billet it will be possible! At release we are looking to fill the ranks of NCO's and Officers for a new skirmisher company. But for the current assignments A Company is also looking for more elements to fill it's professional artillery ranks! If you are interested in artillery feel free to talk to them about it!

The current status of the unit is as follows;
A Company Artillery | about half filled.
C Company Infantry | About half filled. (1 XO and section 2IC open billets)

We are currently waiting on more info about the ingame 20th Maine unit to plan the future expension of the unit.

Keep on fighting !


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