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Battle Cry of Freedom Official Release !

LtCol A. Halkett / Feb 09, 2022
Good Evening Everyone!

The BCoF Demo will be going on durning the steam fest from the Feb 21st to Feb 28th! I expect a heavy events and recruitment schedule. Durning the demo the game will be limited to the default gamemodes and maps, costum content will not be in the game but will be unlocked after the 28th.

The unit's goal durning the demo is to get the interest of as many people as possible so they can buy the game at release and join our ranks !

Battle Cry of Freedom has officially annonced it's release date to be on March 1st 2022 ! For all of the beta players you will need to actually buy the game... I know it sucks. With release upcoming a lot of things are coming ahead stay tunned !

19.99$ Euros
22,84$ USD
28,93 CAD

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